My goal is to inform and inspire you to take actions which bring you to health.

People keep telling me they have health problems that have not been solved. Sometimes they seem "unsolvable" or incurable, but know conventional medical science honestly does not understand the real underlying cause of their condition. They feel there must be some answer, some hope for healing.

Increasingly they are asking for conversations with a respected, experienced medical doctor who sees beyond the limits of conventional medicine. They need someone who maintains a holistic perspective, who understands complementary and alternative healing modalities, and incorporates new advances in Functional Medicine. They want to learn to take control of their own health, and solve some of their symptoms through non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical means. And they want a doctor who respects their unique situations and capabilities.

I offer a consulting service called Holistic Health MD to answer this need. We meet in my office to discuss your health concerns, review your history and any records available, perform appropriate physical examination, and develop with you an assessment of your current situation. We can then talk about all the options available to you through the conventional health system, through complementary and alternative modalities, and through insights of Functional Medicine. We consider appropriate tools to help you achieve your goals. If you choose, I can give you a brief written summary of our assessment and plan, which you may share with your primary care physician. 

Your initial consultation will be scheduled for one hour and you may continue each longer if you choose. After trying the interventions we originally discussed, most people want to return for followup suggestions, and to consider other approaches or additional health concerns. Those subsequent visits are scheduled for ½ hour and you may stay longer if you want. Telephone or video visits are also available after we've met in person.

I invite you to expand your insights into the root causes of dis-ease. I suggest interventions beyond those that have already failed. Our goal is to inspire you to make everyday choices that help you heal, and show you tools that foster your growth toward an optimal state of health and happiness.